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Both The GhostBed & GhostBed Luxe ranked in
top 90% approval range
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Consumer Reports’ 2018 review found that GhostBed offers:

  • “Very good performance”
    Performed well for all sleepers – including side, back, and stomach sleepers.
  • Firm, supportive feel, with limited motion transfer
    “This mattress proved to be very stable and limited the amount of vibration felt.”
  • “Very Good” to “Excellent” ratings”
    Rated positively amongst all categories — including excellent durability.
Men’s Health 2018 Best Mattress

Awarded for “Best Cooling Mattress”

Review sites like Men’s Health along with,, and all say that GhostBed is the coolest mattress around. Which we knew already, but it’s still nice to hear.

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About The GhostBed

The GhostBed Layers
  • 1Plush Cover — Smooth, soft cover made with a stretchy, durable blend of viscose and polyester.
  • 21.5” Aerated Latex Foam — The small holes in this top latex layer constantly pull heat away from the body for a cooler sleep.
  • 32” Gel Memory Foam — Our proprietary foam formula is created with larger cells than traditional memory foam. This layer helps transfer heat away from the body for cooler sleeping.
  • 47.5” High-Density Base — Our long-lasting, high-density foam core forms the foundation of your GhostBed. We developed the base to be firm enough for good spinal alignment without creating an uncomfortably hard-feeling mattress.
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GhostBed is built to last

Every GhostBed is built around a high-density foam core that won’t sag, droop, or split. The GhostBed Classic’s aerated foam layer also means that more air circulates around your body as you sleep, keeping you cool

In 2017, we improved on perfection by introducing the GhostBed Luxe — a high-tech mattress constructed with patent-pending Phase Change material, which helps regulate your body temperature while you sleep.

Our mattresses are also backed by a longer-than-average 20-year warranty. (And unlike most other online mattress makers, we’ve actually been around long enough to back that up.)